Range of Cables

At present Pioneer Cables Ltd., has the capability of producing various types of Electric Wires and Cables which are divided into following product
heads / types:

  • Overhead Conductors AAC & ACSR
  • Bare Copper Conductors
  • General Wiring PVC Insulated
  • Control Cables
  • Low Tension Power Cables
  • Low Tension XLPE Insulated Power Cables
  • High Tension XLPE Insulated Power Cables
  • Polyethylene Insulated Cables
  • Air Field Lighting Cables
  • Specialized Cables of all types

About Us

Being a Pioneer in the field of manufacturing High Tension Cables, our management decided to choose a company theme line to reflect that achievement. Our motto was also inscribed within our four walls as "Pioneer by Name, Pioneer by Deed".



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