General Wiring


This publication provides details of the following types of electric cables:

a) Single  Core Wiring Cables, PVC Insulated with or without PVC Over Sheath.

b) Two To Four Core Wiring Cables, PVC Insulated and PVC Over Sheath.

c) Multicore Armoured Cables, variously described as “CONTROL” or “AUXILIARY” Cables, PVC Insulated, Steel Wire Armoured and PVC Over Sheathed Conductor sizes 1.5 sq. mm to 35 sq. mm with coloured Core and 7 to 37 Core Cables of Conductor sizes 1.5 sq. mm to 4 sq. mm with core numbers printed in white on insulation.


Items 1 (a) i.e. Single Core Cables conform to BS-6004 “PVC Insulated cables (non-armoured) for electric power and lighting”. PVC  Insulated Non Sheathed Cables are in the size range of 1.5 sq. mm to 630 sq. mm and are rated 450/750 Volts. Single Core Cables with additional PVC Over Sheath go upto and including 35 sq. mm conductor size and are rated 600/1000 Volts.

Items 1(b) i.e. Two to Four Core PVC/PVC cables also conform to BS-6004 i.e. Flat Cables (up to 2×10 sq. mm) and Circular Cables of Conductor size in the range 1.5 sq. mm to 35 sq. mm. These Unarmoured Cables are rated 300/500 Volts.

Items 1(c) i.e. Multicore PVC/SWA/PVC Cables comply with BS-6346 “PVC Insulated Power Cables for Electricity Supply.” Unless specifically stated otherwise, colour of cores manufactured are as follows:

1 Core Cable : Green, Red, Yellow, Blue or any other colour

2 Core Cable : Red & Black

3 Core Cable : Red, Yellow & Blue

4 Core Cable : Red, Yellow, Blue & Black

5 Core Cable : Red, Yellow, Blue, Black & Green

More than 5 cores : With numbers printed in white.

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