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PVC Insulated Power Cables

Polyvinyl chloride has certain advantages over other materials as a cable insulate as well as having a better appearance. PVC is tough and light, which together with its inherent flexibility enables PVC, Insulated Cables to bend through a smaller radius. PVC is impervious to moisture therefore, cables insulated with this material are free from one of the major causes of breakdowns. Jointing and terminating is also easier.

The Armoured and Unarmoured PVC Power Cables included in this publication are strictly manufactured to BS-6346 and generally conform to International Standard IEC-60502-1 and Multicore Cables to BS-6346 and Armoured with galvanized steel wires for mechanical protection and to provide an adequate fault current path. PVC is impervious to most chemicals and is fire resistant. However, as a thermoplastic material, PVC will soften at sufficiently high temperatures and thus cannot withstand sustained overload conditions. In addition, the dielectric properties of PVC are such that it is not recommended at present for voltages of more than 11 kV.



Cables are manufactured to Specification BS-6346, which applies to PVC Insulated Armoured Cables upto and including 3.3kV. However, Pioneer Cables Limited can and do supply cables to all other National Standards and to customer’s special specifications.


These are either plain or annealed Copper or Aluminium complying with BS-6360 Conductors of Single Core Cables are circular and those of Multicore Cables are generally Shaped. Reduced neutral conductors and special purpose conductors are generally circular.


This consists of extruded PVC complying with BS-7655 the grade of PVC compound used for insulation is chosen to give good flexibility, resistance to ageing and ability to withstand deformation at high temperatures. It is normally recommended that PVC Insulated or Sheathed Cables are installed at temperatures above 0°C,  but special grades of PVC are available that can be handled at lower temperatures and others which are suitable for operation at higher temperatures. Such compounds are more expensive and would only be chosen for a specific purpose.



Polypropylene or PVC as fillers and polypropylene tape as a binder is used.


For Single & Multicore PVC Insulated Cables the bedding normally consists of extruded PVC.


For Single Core Types  Non-Magnetic Armour of Hard Drawn Aluminium Wires is provided for A.C. Operation. Single Wire Armour is provided on Multicore Cables with Galvanized Steel.


The outer sheath is an extruded layer of black PVC Complying to BS-7655.


Cables Complying to BS-6346, unless otherwise stated, have their cores identified by colours in the following way:


Number of cores Core Colours
1 Red, Black or any other color
2 Red & Black
3 Red, Yellow & Blue
4 Red, Yellow, Blue & Black
5 Red, Yellow, Blue & Black 
  Green / Yellow


During installation PVC cables should not be bent to a smaller radius than eight times their overall diameter.


The dimensions of the cables are given in catalogue which comply with BS-6346. The weights in given catalogues are calculated to the nearest 10 Kg and are an approximate.


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