Quality Assurance


Inline with our Total Customer Satisfaction, Pioneer Cables is the first cable manufacturer to have our cable successfully Type Tested at the Prestigious HV & SC Testing Laboratory, NTDC Rawat.

KEMA Type Tests


In order to successfully comply with the High Tension Cables order from K-Electric, we sent two samples of different sizes of 3 core cables to KEMA Laboratories, Holland for Type Testing. Our cables passed these tests with remarkable success and as such we became the first unit in Pakistan to successfully comply with KEMA Type Testing.

Compliance of the WAPDA order also involved KEMA Type Testing. For this purpose, two samples (one single and one three core) according to WAPDA specifications were also sent to KEMA for Type Testing. Upon successful Type Testing results, we again became the first unit in Pakistan to successfully pass such rigid test to WAPDA specifications in the international arena.



Test Laboratory

The initial Laboratory at Pioneer was equipped to handle various tests to IEC-60502, as well as British Standard Specifications. However, due to management policy and philosophy, our Laboratory was updated on an annual basis regardless of requirement. Today, we claim to have the most sophisticated Test Laboratory in Pakistan, capable of even performing Type Tests within our own premises.

In other words, we upgraded our testing facilities to include not only routine tests, but also to add capabilities of certain Type Test. These facilities and its performance have also been witnessed by WAPDA Design (Distribution) Engineers.

Today, we are catering to the Pakistani Market for the supply of upto 15kV  XLPE class cables.
However, as per our technical agreement, our plant and its Test Laboratory are equipped to handle cables upto the 33kV range. To date, we are the only unit in Pakistan capable of manufacturing up to 33kV.

About Us

Being a Pioneer in the field of manufacturing High Tension Cables, our management decided to choose a company theme line to reflect that achievement. Our motto was also inscribed within our four walls as "Pioneer by Name, Pioneer by Deed".



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