Technical Comparision

Let Us Fully Utilise The Energy We Have!

Energy needs to be brought to you safely and efficiently without current leakages and risk of short circuits.

Energy needs to be brought to you economically without recurring rewiring costs and risk of increased power bills.

PIONEER CABLES products are energy efficient. A company devoted to product quality using Prime Grade Raw Materials; i.e 99.9% pure Copper Rod. Every meter of cable manufactured is subject to stringent quality control tests to conform to International Standards.

SURVEY: Samples Test of 3/0.029 CU/PVC Market Survey Pakistan:

# Standard ST Value Pioneer Cables Brand X Brand XX
1          Conductivity         100%     102.56% 97.51% 37.10%
2 Resistivity            17.241     16.8107 17.68107 46.470
3          Cond. Resistance     13.76 Ohms/KM     12.90 13.57 35.66
4          Elog. PVC         125%     225% 350% 190%
5          T/sPVC      12.5 N/     14.16 16.98 11.68
6         Overall Dia        3.36 mm     3.50 3.50 3.65
7         Ins. Thick        0.889 mm     0.9-1.0 0.85-1.0 1.0-1.2
8         Lay Length       40 to 47.7     42.0 R.H 103.0 R.H Straight
9         Dia of Strand       0.736 mm     0.74 0.72 0.71


COSTS: Brand xx/Brand x may cost less initially, but increases risk of damages and current leakages causing continuous increased power bills and overload on our already scarce energy resources.

About Us

Being a Pioneer in the field of manufacturing High Tension Cables, our management decided to choose a company theme line to reflect that achievement. Our motto was also inscribed within our four walls as "Pioneer by Name, Pioneer by Deed".



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