Why Pioneer

Some Cables Love To Devour Power
You Pay For

Electricity flows through the Copper strands inside the cables used for wiring. If the Copper is not conductor grade cables will have less conductivity and greater resistance, which means much of the power flowing in from the mains to user outlets will be wasted, but it will be billed.

Some cables may initially cost less due to low grade material used, low conductivity and high resistance of these cables increases risk of damage and current leakage, which contributes to increased power bills.

Use Pioneer Cables, manufactured by a company committed to excellence in product quality. Pioneer Cables are produced on a most modern plant using Prime Tests Conductor Grade 99.9% Pure Copper. Every single meter is subjected to stringent quality control and conforms to International Standards. This is the reason why professionals prefer Pioneer Cables.

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About Us

Being a Pioneer in the field of manufacturing High Tension Cables, our management decided to choose a company theme line to reflect that achievement. Our motto was also inscribed within our four walls as "Pioneer by Name, Pioneer by Deed".



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